Friday, March 07, 2014

J-Prop on order...

I went ahead and ordered a 19" feathering J-Prop today for the new engine install.

The exhaust hose also had signs of delamination at several points, so that has been completely replaced.

When they pulled the engine and genset they noticed that the through hull for the air conditioner seawater pump was in awful shape, so they snapped it off to make sure we replaced it.

The good news is we keep meeting people who rave about the Beta Marine engine, or have other compliments on working with Kubota diesel engines in non-marine applications.  All claim they are quiet, more efficient, and long lasting.  We shall see.

Just for extra fun, the Coast Guard called to inform us our EPIRB is reporting the boat sunk.  After assuring them the boat is hard aground we retrieved the EPIRB and pulled the plug on its battery.  It is several years past due for a battery replacement.  That is $250, a brand new one with GPS technology is $500.  Add it to the list...

Meanwhile, the exterior preparation continues.  The engine is scheduled to go in Monday or Tuesday next week, then the 3 coats of primer and 3 coats of Awlgrip begin to be applied.


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