Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bottom Peel

The old coats of hard paint were no longer sticking to the gel coat / barrier coat.  We determined it was time to remove all the old paint and start over.  There was a debate between sand blasting or peeling.  Sand blasting works, but is indiscriminate.  So we chose the 25% more expensive peeling.  The results look promising.

Now the boat sits on the hard and dries out.  There are no actual blisters on the boat, but a dozen or so beginnings of blistering where the resin is delaminating.  The boat will probably sit for six to eight weeks before getting a new barrier coat then a paint job.

In addition, the sides, boot stripe, and water line are being restored with Awl-Grip.  Work is moving ahead there.  We are also resealing most of our portlights.


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