Monday, February 10, 2014

30 Years of Bilge Gunk

The old Perkins is pulled out.  And the Northern Lights Genset as well, off to get a new paintjob and inspection.  The good news on the genset is they did a precautionary compression test and it passed with flying colors.

The bad news is the exhaust hose id delaminated and should be replaced.  That will be costly.

The metal pan under the genset is toast.  Full of rusted out holes.  The mounts are badly rusted as well.  Yacht Power Products is getting a new pan built, and will install new mounts as well.

While the engine room is empy I crawled in and thought I would clean it up.  Ha!  It's a huge job.  Too much grease, wood rot, and trash.  I spent four+ hours and it looks like it is now ready for cleaning.  The engine mount stringers are suspect with fiberglass delamination.  The marine plywood under the genset is soft and the support below the platform is rotted.

You can't paint on top of rot.  So we are contracting to have someone come in and repair the stringers and platform, then paint.  Hopefully my afternoon of shoveling the filth out of the engine room will save me a few bucks.


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