Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2013 Projects List

  1. Still need an Autohelm
  2. New Sails?
  3. Install Battery Watering system from Flow-Rite Controls to 4 T-105 house batteries -- provides a single watering point.
  4. Build shelves for boat dishes in port locker
  5. Turn companionway dish locker into a dehumidifier closet, pipe dehumidifier into cockpit drain system.
  6. Repair / maintain engine coolant system.  Replace all old hoses.  Replace all clamps.  Inspect / replace fresh water and salt water pumps.  (sigh)
  7. Remove rust from engine using elbow grease and Ospho.  Paint engine.
  8. Install LED light above stove
  9. Replace old plastic vent covers for engine room blowers with new stainless vent covers
  10. Fashion springs onto broken salon hatches.
  11. Replace Cape Dory dinghy with a 10.5' RIB and 15 HP motor
  12. Bottom Job?
As they say, the list never gets shorter.


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