Wednesday, February 27, 2013

He Called My Boat a Barge

Forgot to post this one:  article from Wavetrain about the venerable Morgan 41 Out Island.  They used an unattributed photo of my Pelican under sail.  Worse not a single mention of Sally Morgan and her influence on the boat.


So I'll give Sally's response, which I blogged on in 2004:

Comments on tacking the Morgan 41 
My usual first sarcastic remarks to someone questioning the sailing characteristics of the Out Islanders is 'how much sailing experience have you had?' If you don't know how to sail a boat to weather anyway, it really doesn't matter does it?
Best we can determine, the idea that the Out Island 41's do not sail well evolved from a story Bill Robinson of Yachting Magazine wrote right after the first boats were out, and his comment was it didn't sail to weather like an ocean racer. It wasn't designed to.
I'll be interested in what comments you get to your note. I love the way they sail - they're fast reaching, extremely stable (don't round up in puffs), and fun to sail. 
Just had to get my 2 cents in. 
Sally Morgan


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