Sunday, January 05, 2014

2014 Projects

Forget new years resolutions, we have the new year boat projects list.

Last year's list concentrated on fixing up the Perkins and hoping to get another 4 or 5 years out of it.  Alas, a series of unfortunate events led to its demise.  The engine died in July and due to a lot of non-sailing activities it is still not replaced.  That will change in early 2014.  The new engine is bought and paid for, its custom footings are being manufactured in England this very week and is due to be put on a jet and shipped to the U.S. around the end of the year.

So here is the new list of things to attack:

  1. Install a new Beta Marine 60 diesel engine with new TMC 260 2:1 transmission, 120 Amp Balmar alternator and serpentine belt system.
  2. New Propeller  Doing online calculations it looks like I need around a 19" x 14" pitch.
  3. A bottom job while the boat is out of the water getting its engine and prop.
  4. Have the Northern Lights genset pulled and painted, new pan installed, and a soft sound cover fashioned and installed to reduce sound while it is running at anchor.  (must run the coffee pot in the morning!  actually we switched to a small Keurig single cup this year which we really like.)
  5.  Replace the TrueCharge 40+ battery charger with a TrueCharge2 60 Amp system plus new remote.
  6. Inspect and repair / replace all thru-hulls -- Pelican has been sitting in the water for over 31 years now and its time to seriously consider new through-hulls.
  7. Awl-Grip the hull sides.  Again, 31 years of gel coat exposed to the elements.  Time for a refresh.
  8. Paint the whale stripe.
  9. New gaskets in the drinking water pressure pump.  It leaks when running.  (oh if all the tasks on the list were so affordable!)
  10. Replace all the hoses associated with the aft head.
  11. start painting the interior
  12. scrape and re-caulk the toe rail
  13. Build shelves for boat dishes in port locker
  14. Fashion springs onto broken salon hatches.
  15. Pick one or two of the following large investments:
    1. New Sails?
    2. Bow Thruster
    3. New jib winches
    4. AB Rib with engine
    5. New hatches
  16. Sell our beautiful Cape Dory 10 hardshell sailing/rowing dinghy  -- it's on Craigslist!
  17. Sail to the Tortugas and Keys in early April.