Monday, June 18, 2012

2012 Projects

It's been a great year working on the boat.  I have been joking that we bought a project boat in 2004, fixed it up, and now its a project boat again.  But we love Pelican.

Current Projects underway:

  1. New Bimini and Dodger with cover being built.  Slight redesign to eliminate a support pole from blocking the mainsail block.
  2. New cockpit cushions -- light color sunbrella with a navy piping to match our canvas.
  3. New interior salon cushions -- can't wait to see these installed.  This will be a huge upgrade.
  4. repairs to the spreader bars.
  5. Tune the rigging.
  6. sails removed, repaired and cleaned.  the jib sacrificial is being replaced.
  7. New electronic thermostat and fan added to refrigeration.
  8. Anemometer head unit and cable being replaced.  
  9. Autohelm installed
  10. minor repairs to davits
  11. Looking for a used AB 10.5' inflatable boat
  12. Send son to college with whatever funds are left over.

2012 projects competed:

  1. New air conditioners.  We never had an aft air conditioner working, and the forward air bearing burnt out this Spring.  Our poor lab Hoover was alone on the boat when it happened.  We returned to a smoky cabin and a distraught Black Lab.  They have now been replaced with two Marine Air units.
  2. New Standard Horizon GX2150 radio with AIS and DSC.  Also added RAM mic in cockpit which is very convenient.
  3. Garmin 740S chart plotter.  The radio ties into the chart plotter and shows the location of AIS broadcasting ships on the display.
  4. Moved the boat to PYCC which is a beautiful place to keep the boat.  Replaced all the docklines.
  5. Replaced circuit breaker for windlass
  6. replaced sump pump switch in aft cabin
  7. replaced Perkins salt water pump
  8. Replaced all original running lights with new LED lights.
  9. Added a dinghy spotlight on the davits.  Will help make it easier to find the boat for those after dark trips to shore with the dog.  These lights are also LED.
  10. New 22" flat screen HDTV in salon
  11. New throw rugs throughout the boat
  12. Sent ships clock to Weems & Plath for refurbishing
  13. Added "bird-proofing" to mizzen mast.  We had an Osprey using our mizzen as a perch and it sure pooped a hell of a lot.  We had plastic spikes added to the top of the mast to eliminate his perch.