Friday, March 06, 2015


Over 390 days on the hard.  I saw a post on facebook asking others if their list of things to do ever followed logic, or was ever acturate.

So here, from memory, is our list of activities.

  1. Boat was towed to Salt Creek around the first of February 2014 in order to
    1. replace the engine
    2. get a bottom job
  2. The bottom paint was adhering poorly to the barrier coat.
    1. let's shave the bottom paint, barrier coat and gelcoat off
    2. let it sit and dry
  3. Met the engine guys (Yacht Power Products are the best.  Impossible to have found a better company to work with.)
    1. They were pulling the Perkins out to replace with the Beta Marine.) $$$$$
    2. Hey, since your pulling the engine, why not pull the genset, overhaul it and paint it? $$
    3. Oh, and rebuild the drip pan below the genset $
    4. Oh what the hell, encase the genset in a soft noise reduction cover.  $$
    5. The engine room is a mess, rebuild and repaint it  $$
  4. The sides should really be restored. $$$
  5. The sides look great, you should really restore the deck and nonskid.   $$$
  6. The teak handrails are in awful shape.  Let's try replacing them all with Plasteak.
  7. The deck is going to look really good, and the hatches will stick out like sore thumbs.  Replace the hatches with new stainless ones!  $$
  8. Search for leaks!  Under the toerail!  $$$
  9. We have really wanted a swim platform, for like, forever.  can you customize one for us? and let's not do a ladder, lets do stairs...  $$$
  10. The mizzen rigging is in the way of the gate to the great new swim platform.  Let's move it to the top of the cabin housing.  $
  11. How the heck can we leave the dock with our miserable mainsail.  Let's order a new one!  $$$
  12. The through hulls are 33 years old and in poor to really poor shape.  Let's cut every one out and replace them.  And all the hoses and clamps too.  $$$$
  13. That dinghy!  No way it goes back on the boat.  Let's find a new one.  $$
  14. The new dinghy will need better rigging for the davits.  Let's redo that.  $$
  15. The hatches are great.  They need new screens!  $
  16. Carpet anyone? $
  17. What the hell all the batteries and need replacing!  $$00
  18. And on and on
Big splash scheduled for March 27  (not committing to a year yet.)


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