Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Save the Date May 18-20, 2012

27th Annual Morgan Invasion & Catalina Rendezvous 2012 - Sailing for Hospice at The Club Treasure Island:

Propane Outboards

We went to the Miami Boat Show / Strictly Sail last weekend in search of new ways to spend even more money on the boat.  We went to research a variety of boat projects and wound up becoming the first customer of Lehr's new 2.5 HP propane powered outboard motor.

They are selling green technology, but there was quite a bit more of interest to us than "saving the planet."

This motor will run on either a standard propane tank via a hose connection, or use the little 1 pound propane bottles sold in Wal-Mart etc. to run lanterns and stoves.

  1. Our old Nissan 3 HP motor was 2-stroke and it's a pain to mix gas plus states are starting to ban 2-strokes on inland lakes due to motor oil pollution.
  2. The new motor is a 4 stroke, much more environmentally friendly and is allowed on any lake that allows motors.
  3. Ethanol in gasoline can easily gum up engines. Propane does not.
  4. I hate having gasoline aboard my sailboat. Storing gasoline is dangerous in those red plastic containers with their leaky tops. Propane is still dangerous, but is stored in much more durable containers.
  5. I'm terrible at top filling a gasoline outboard. I always seem to spill. Propane tanks screw on the motor. No mess or fuss.

Boat Projects

Nothing like a trip to the Miami Boat show to put together a list or projects for an old Morgan.

Navigation & Electronics
  1. New Autohelm
  2. VHF Radio - test / repair
  3. LED running lights
  4. troubleshoot anemometer
  5. replace circuit breaker for windlass
Below Decks
  1. New air conditioner units
  2. replace icebox with freezer
  3. replace refrigeration unit
  4. Corian countertops
  1. troubleshoot alternator
  1. new shore power cables
  2. replace running rigging