Tuesday, November 28, 2006

We've Moved!

To Burnt Store Marina over the Thanksgiving weekend.

We have talked about moving Pelican to somewhere in Charlotte Harbor for a couple of years and made the move over the weekend. The Burnt Store Marina facility is very nice and we look forward to having more time to explore gunkholes in Charlotte Harbor.

On Wednesday I replaced the failed alternator with a Balmar 612 series 100 amp alternator and the MC612H Max Charge Regulator. The alternator is tied directly to the house batteries. The starting Optima battery is charged by the house bank via a Balmar Digital Duo Charge. The Duo Charge only charges the Optima when it sees more than 13 volts on the house bank, and can charge the Optima at up to 30 amps an hour. I'd be completely happy with my handy work, but can't get the Faris tachometer to function with the new alternator.

I also added a rudder position sensor to the Raymarine wheel pilot. I picked up the RPS at the JSI flea market last summer. It did not have all the parts with it, and it took a while for me to plan how to install it. Once it was plugged in we noticed a big improvement in the wheel pilots performance.

Next job is installing a Xantrex Link 10 battery management system, and there are 16 stainless steel ports in my front hall waiting to go to the boat for yet another big project.

On top of all that, the front macerator pump housing failed and the pump has to be replaced. It's not a job I'm look foward to. The forward head also is starting to act like it needs a rebuild kit, but I'm leaning towards installing an electric head instead. It would be easier for guests to use.


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