Monday, April 04, 2005

Overhead Lights

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Besides carpeting, I did a little wire pulling. We decided we really wanted to have a couple of overhead lights -- one in the saloon and one in the aft cabin. I thought it would be easy to pull a wire through the headliner to the side and tie it into the existing 12VDC lighting. It turned out it was much harder than I thought. While there is plenty of space to pull wire on the roof, the liner seems to be glued to the topsides at all of the corners. I learned this after cutting a 3/4" hole in the middle of the headliner. Fortunately I was able to cut another hole into the headliner behind the galley fan and fish the wire that way. With the fan in its normal position you can't tell it's been done.

Not wanting to make the same mistake in the aft cabin, I carefully checked port, starboard and aft to see if I could fish under the headliner. Same story. I was about to give up when I decided to try from the the overhead light in the aft head. I pulled that light down and fished the metal tape in. It seemed to be able to make a straight line to right where I wanted to install the overhead light. So I went ahead and punched another hole in the aft cabin liner. This time I was able to fish into the new hole without any problem. The two new overhead lights are two way. One for white light, the other for red while underway. The new lights are a very nice addition to the boat.


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