Friday, January 28, 2005

It's Possible is now Pelican

We happily put the boat back in the water and brought her home after two weeks in the yard. We are now nearly finished with the major maintenance. This trip to the yard included:

Scraping and painting. We did it ourselves once on a 31' Bombay Clipper and am much happier finding a good yard (like Salt Creek in St. Pete) and writing a check. The barrier coat is really doing a good job because there was not a single blister. However, the guys in the yard said that there must have originally been some issues with priming when it was put one. They used some fancy 3M expoxy primer this time where there were bare spots (barrier coat showing.)

The cutlass bearing was in good shape, so was not replaced this year.

We had four seacocks in the engine room that were either stuck or very hard. All were serviced and now are easy to use.

A new Garmin transducer for depth, speed and water temperature was installed. This will be wired into the Garmin 182C chartplotter. We used the hole for the Data Marine knot meter which did not work, and kept the existing Data Marine transducer in place which leaves us with a spare depth finder. Now the GPS will be full of all kinds of information!

We also had the sides compounded and waxed. The sides came out great, but the whale stripe still needs more TLC.

Also had the mechanic plumb the Northern Lights generator into the existing electric oil change pump for the Perkins. Now I can change the oil and filters on either generator or diesel engine in about ten minutes. The pump speed is about a minute per gallon.

And finally, we had the name It's Possible stripped from the back, and a fancy Pelican lettering and graphic is now painted on the transom.

Once the side curtains finally show up, we're left with just a few more items to go:

1. Auto Pilot (below decks, hydraulic, leaning towards the new RayMarine units which includes a rudder indicator as part of the system)
2. Radar
3. electronic wind speed and direction indicator
4. Whisker pole
5. New carpeting
6. Replace a couple of original lights below



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